Our terminal is today 15500sqm, which includes 7000sqm inhouse storage

spread in 3 buildings. We specialize in transport and warehousing,

and customize your logistical needs, whether it is project cargo or air freight packages,

full loads or bulk.


Our employees knowledge and experience on the Norwegian market,

gives us the skills to give you the right solutions to your needs. ​

KTM shipping as takes care of the storage and handling of all types of cargo.
Palletized cargo, bulk cargo and break bulk cargo. Customers throughout the Norwegian coastline benefits from our eager to be a problem solvers and as flexible partner as possible.

At our terminal in Husøy (Port of Haugesund) we have the possibilities to optimize your supply chain through our network of international and local partners.
Haugalandet as a market, with its resources and location, attracts the majority of global transport solutions. And through our terminal, we can find all the alternatives the world of logistics can give you.


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