Our knowledge and experience with the Norwegian market enables us to find the right solutions to your logistics needs. At our terminal in Husøy (Port of Haugesund) we have the possibility to optimize your supply chain through our network of international and local partners.

Be Sea-Conscious

KTM shipping is working together with all of our partners to move goods away from the road.


International shipments has to be cleared before they can be delivered to final destination. All countries imposes import, and export duties and taxes on goods crossing their borders. This helps generate income, protect the economy, environment and citizens in general. When importing or exporting goods for your business it can be hard to keep updated on all the legal formalities and paperwork that is necessary, and it can be quite time consuming and frustrating. KTM shipping has all the knowledge you need to make the customs process as smooth as possible. This way you can rest assured that all the legal formalities in the process are being handled correctly by experienced personnel. Contact us to find out what we can offer you regarding custom clearance when crossing Norwegian borders.‍

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