Terminal & Warehousing

Our knowledge and experience with the Norwegian market enables us to find the right solutions to your logistics needs. At our terminal in Husøy (Port of Haugesund) we have the possibility to optimize your supply chain through our network of international and local partners.

Be Sea-Conscious

KTM shipping is working together with all of our partners to move goods away from the road.


Our terminal is 32.000 sqm, which includes 10.000 sqm in-house storage spread through four buildings. KTM shipping offers many kinds of storage opportunities. Either it is bulk, big bags, palletized or break bulk cargo. Our facilities range from 1000sqm to 5000sqm.The local industry may face restricted storage capacity, and if you face limitations of ingoing or outgoing cargo flow, we can serve you in a flexible way from our warehouses.‍


To know if shipments to and from your facilities is best by sea, road or air transport is our business. Let us know your needs and we will find your best option to do your supply chain.​There are many factors to consider: the volume, the time, your need of flexibility, and which goods you are shipping. Our job is to find the most suitable vessel and combination of shipping lines that is most efficient for your cargo. Whether you need local trucking in Norway, deep-sea containers or dedicated charter vessels, we are happy assist with seamless solutions.‍

Specalized Equipment

At our terminal in Husøy, we can provide the biggest and most specialized equipment pool in the district.Our facilities are modern and we have invested heavily in the development of the handling and moving of goods on the terminal. Whichever type of goods you’re transporting, we can handle.‍

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