KTM Shipping builds three new warehouses to mitigate challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic

- When the pandemic started, everything was turned upside down, explains Pål Mesøy, COO of KTM Shipping.

- The entire industry was faced with major uncertainties around production, transport and access to resources, which meant that the traditional 'Just-in-Time' mindset had to be changed, he continues.

Before the pandemic, it was common to shop for storage on a monthly basis, with short stays at each stage in the logistics chain. Everything had to be done as efficiently as possible.

- Everything was turned upside down during the pandemic; there were huge logistical challenges that had to be taken into account, and we had to think differently.

The company decided to invest in the construction of three new warehouses, to offer customers more flexibility and an opportunity to store goods for a longer period of time.

- The industry switched to a 'Just-in-Case' mindset. The customers had to take into account that things could suddenly change and took several precautions. As a forwarder and logistics partner, it was important that we could offer that flexibility to our customers.

The three new warehouses are each 1500, 1500 and 2400m2 big. One was finished only three months after the decision to build was taken.

- The industry underwent a major restructuring in a very short time. It then became important that we take the new needs into account as quickly as possible.

KTM Shipping currently has an indoor storage capacity of 25,000m2, and 35,000m3 outdoors. The company specializes in tailor-made logistics services for national and international customers.

In addition to the three new warehouses, KTM Shipping, together with Navigare and BioMar, has developed a new bulk terminal at Karmsund Havn, which you can read more about here.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, KTM Shipping has invested heavily in expanding the company's storage capacity. Since 2020, the logistics company has built three new warehouses, one of which was already in place three months after the decision to expand was made.

October 7, 2022

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