The Advantages of Being Sea-Conscious

Our role as a logistics-provider is to find the best and most optimal solutions for your transporting needs. One of our best recommendations to anyone who needs to transport large quantities of goods over large distances, is to use ocean freight. And for good reason.

Anyone transporting cargo over long distances, knows that transporting goods by sea presents major advantages in terms of:

·      Heavy and bulk cargo capabilities

·      Safety

·      Competitive costs

Maybe the most important benefit, is the low carbon footprint of ocean freight shipping, which is considerably lower than road or air freight.

In fact, the production of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported, is lower with ocean freight than any other mode of shipment.

Taking into account the development in ship technology for emissions reductions, especially regarding heavy-duty ships, there are even more ways to transport your goods efficiently by sea while simultaneously generating a smaller carbon footprint, than ever before.

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) aims to reduce 40% of all carbon emissions by 2030 from 2008’s levels, and at least 50% of the shipping industry’s emissions by 2050 (

Their strategy for achieving these targets entails incentivizing shipping companies to invest in more carbon neutral technology. Additionally, shipping companies may now expect increased taxes and fees for yearly emissions, from each ship.

Therefore, companies that don’t invest in emissions reductions from their shipping operations, will become less competitive than those who work towards achieving IMO’s 2030/2050 targets. In the end, this means you will have more green shipping solutions to choose from.

Our recommendation is to be Sea-Conscious. Take advantage of the many benefits ocean freight provides, and consider the opportunities the development in ship technology and optimized green shipping represent, when choosing your mode of transport.

We can help you find the most efficient ocean freight solutions, that fit your needs.

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In the past few years, ‘green logistics’ has become increasingly important in shipping and logistics industries. With more focus on cutting emissions, there has been a big discussion on how to maintain transport efficiency, while also reducing the climate impact of these operations.

September 12, 2022

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